I am beautiful

If you do not believe you are beautiful no matter how many times people compliment you, if you do not see your beauty you will never believe it.


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Enough of people taking advantage of you.

Enough of giving too much of yourself to people who don’t deserve you.

Enough of fighting for the right treatment.

Enough of letting people suck you dry.

Enough with trying to keep and sustain relationships with people that don’t even try to keep you.

Enough with people who pick and choose when to be part of your life.

Enough with letting everything slide.

Be good to yourself.

Give yourself everything you expect from people. Treat yourself like you are your soulmate. Compliment yourself as if you complimenting someone you like. Look at yourself the same way you want your lover to look at you. Appreciate everything that you are, you are allowed to be the complicated glorious mess that you are.