True happiness

Happiness comes from within,Once I began to believe that my life shifted to a different direction. I laugh harder. I smile genuinely. I find joy in the simple and little things. Enjoying my own company is something I was unfamiliar with I always felt the need to be surrounded by other people as a distraction so I wouldn’t feel lonely. I began to work on myself to fill me up and not let other people determine my happiness. I am fulfilled from the inside the love that other people give feels good but it does not validate me. Happiness and loving other people suddenly seems to come natural. I see life with a completely different perspective. I am grateful for the things that seem important to me. Colours seem brighter,nature looks beautiful, Food is more tasty and the sound of music just moves me. I feel alive.

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We are all just humans

Watching from my window I see people walking up and down the street. Some seem more cheerful than others. Some seem like they are deep in thoughts.Others even seem to be in a rush as if they are chasing something or they are running late and others seem as if they are too tired to even walk or maybe they are not well . These busy streets have a lot of different people with different shades of colour and with different sizes and shapes. I realised that all of these people including me we all have a story to tell. We bleed the same blood,we are all made of bone and flesh. It does not matter what race or gender you are or even which religion. We are all just humans living, learning,dreaming and moving through life.

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Somewhere between chasing your dreams and creating your own life and trying to be independent,life can be overwhelming. Sometimes you just wanna go home wherever that may. Breathe a different air, be surrounded with different people. Sometimes life forces you to mend broken homes. To get out of your bubble and connect with those that once meant everything to you.You finally get the courage to go back home. Faced with everything you wanted to forget . Feelings you have tried to bury come back to life. Going back to the town that was once my home. I looked at my siblings and I had hope with them I was at peace, they are my home. I realised that no matter how far I run home will always remain home.

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Not sure of what will be but that is okay too.

I have been so lost in the mist of everything that has been happening in my life. Too much anger,too much resentment. Sometimes I find myself drowning in the pool of my own tears. A lot has happened, a lot is happening and a lot will happen. Tricked by my own fear I believed everything is falling apart and things might not turn out the way I wish they would. Too afraid to hope because the thought of disappointment scared me. I had envisioned my whole life and the ending was not what I would look forward to. I panicked because of a picture I painted in my own head. I forgot the most important thing which is life is uncertain. Anything can happen,Magical things can come my way. All I needed to do was believe in myself. I needed to know I’m not broken. I had to see the beauty of life. I needed to learn to trust the universe and let life unfold on it’s own.


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Look around

Let us be kind

More understanding

More awareness

More supportive to those we claim to love and care about. Reaching out can be helpful because someone might be fading right in front of you and you don’t even see it. Someone might have had enough and you don’t even realise it. Someone might be too tired to go on and you don’t even know that. Let us look at the signs, communicate and try to make the burden less heavy. Even strong people need help sometimes they won’t ask for it but they need it and when they break they break like the rest of us.

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Finding my place

Not planned but here I am. The first day I came in to this world I caused chaos. Collisions between families, Tension between loved ones, A broken union between lovers. As I grew up being in the centre of it all I began to lose my place, did not feel like I belong. I am looking for something that feels like home,something freeing. I do not know what it is but once I find it I will know it is meant for me. Sometimes it is like I can almost feel it; So eager to touch it because I believe it will set my world on fire.

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Sisters I got to pick

Sometimes life gives you a choice to choose your family. You are not blood related but the connection you share is so deep. When you choose friends, choose the people that make you feel at home. People who accept you as you are . People you can have all these differences with and still seem like a perfect fit. People you can count,lean on and know that no matter what they will always accept you. When you with them they can assure you that everything will be fine. That tomorrow night be better and no matter what they always remind you, you are not alone.

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Pieces of myself

Sometimes you not lost you just found a part of yourself that you did not know. As you grow up you find other parts of you some may fit you perfectly and some may be exactly what you needed,some may even be the part you always thought was missing. Embrace all of you and hold on to the parts of you that fit you perfectly. I’m a puzzle and as the time goes I will find meaning for every piece.

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Bring humanity back

We are constantly trying to change

Change the system

Change the world

But we do not realise that with every change there is a disadvantage.

Constantly improving technology with the goal to be connected but in that process we are even more disconnected. We keep in touch through likes and comments on social media. We spend the whole day strolling,posting,sharing,liking we have lost touch with the real world. We cannot tell the difference between what is fake and what is real. We care so much about the likes we receive. We take having a good time just so we can update our status. Our lives are controlled by devices and programs We have lost humanity, We have lost the true meaning of life.

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Mental illness

Brothers and sisters

Fathers and mothers

Friends and family

Let us be aware of our surroundings,Let us be curious about the lives of our loved ones.The people we call friends,family and neighbours are slowly dying each and every day and we don’t even notice it. We are so caught up with our own lives;Too hang up on the saying mind your own business that even when things have changed with the ones we love we tend to ignore that. We are so selfish that the only time we are aware is when it is already too late.When suicide is committed by those we love that is the only time we realise we could have done something.

Wake up and hear the silent cries. Look deep and see beyond what is hidden behind that pretty smile and all that make up. Listen to details and pay attention to that pause before someone says “I’m fine”

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I got burnt

I saw fire in your eyes so eager to feel it’s warmth. I never knew that the same fire I was drawn to would burn me and everything around me. How I wish someone had warned me that the flames would be too hot to handle.


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People see what they want to see

Don’t tell me I have changed you never gave me a chance to show you who i am. You simply chose to see what you wanted me to be. You loved the person you painted in your head as me. I did not change I simply showed you who I am. Sorry that the picture in your head is not like the one right in front you. This is the person that I am the person I have always been. Too bad you never took time to know the girl standing right in front of you. I am so much more than what you choose to see. I can be hot as the sun and I can be calm as the moon. I can be everything that is sweet and colorful but sometimes I can be cold and dark. I can be vulnerable and I can be strong too. I don’t have to one person when I can be so much more.

Love everything that you are

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A stranger’s wish

I want a home

I want a family

I want someone to love me

I want someone to choose me

I want someone to protect me

I want someone to be there for me

I want someone to fight for me

But most of all I want to feel loved

She said that is all I ever wanted.

I could tell just by looking at her that she meant every word and with each and every breath she is crying out for help hoping someone will notice that she is dying inside.


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