Not out to get you

She was there with me and for me
I kept asking myself why
What could she want from me
What is it that she sees in me
Having a person genuinely care for me and expect nothing in return was strange
Pushing her away over and over again because I’m so used to being used
Too scared to let my guard down
Clouded by fear and disappointment from the past I never knew she was like me
She was all I had and I was all she had

I see what you doing she said I will hold your hand and be with you because I know how it feels to have no one. Together we do not have to be alone we can have each other. We can face this world as a pair,For I see myself in you. I can tell what you feeling without you altering a word. You have beautiful eyes and I see the story of your life in them. Do not be afraid I will not leave you and selfishly I’m doing that for me because I need you as much as you think you need me.





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What is this life

It was in the mist of chaos that I found out who I am. I did not know my own strength, all it took was for my world to come tumbling down to have no one to lean on but myself and suddenly all that self doubt seemed to subside. Simple pleasures like reading and writing keep me grounded. Each day I find parts of myself that fit perfectly. With each sun that rises and each moon that I get to watch at night I realise I am becoming the woman I prayed about. It is like I just woke and I can finally see things for what they are not what I want them to be. I have been a pleaser of people gradually forgetting how to give myself pleasure and focus on my happiness that I did not realise that while pleasing everyone I am losing who I am.

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Enough of people taking advantage of you.

Enough of giving too much of yourself to people who don’t deserve you.

Enough of fighting for the right treatment.

Enough of letting people suck you dry.

Enough with trying to keep and sustain relationships with people that don’t even try to keep you.

Enough with people who pick and choose when to be part of your life.

Enough with letting everything slide.

Be good to yourself.

Give yourself everything you expect from people. Treat yourself like you are your soulmate. Compliment yourself as if you complimenting someone you like. Look at yourself the same way you want your lover to look at you. Appreciate everything that you are, you are allowed to be the complicated glorious mess that you are.

Summer days

For me it is more than just about the sunny beautiful days,Putting on a bikini and having a swim.

I like the smell of the ocean.

I enjoy the sound of the waves.

I like the peace the ability to hear my own thoughts.

I like the feeling of my body relaxed like the is nothing to be worried about.

The feeling of the Sun on my back is like therapy.

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Eyes that spoke loud enough for me to notice

She tried to hide what she felt but her eyes told the story . She hid just about everything she felt but her sweet innocent eyes hid nothing. She had the kind of eyes you get lost in and they were glossy and beautiful I always caught myself staring at them.Everytime I looked through her eyes it was as if I know her well, sometimes I could swear I see her soul.

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Reality versus Expectations

A banging sound on my door.

Opening I saw a woman

Her face covered in tears

Her nose all red as well as her cheeks

She entered pacing up and down

Turning to look at me and then pause she wanted to say something but she did not know how. What could it be I wonder that has this woman in tears and so much hurt. After offering water she finally calmed down and said I am done with men. I was not surprised by this at all instead I laughed softly saying isn’t that what all women say when going through a heartbreak. Are you ready to tell me what is it that has got you so worked up. I listened to her carefully word for word trying to understand the situation until she said he does not treat me the way I want. How long has he been treating you this way I asked. A few weeks after we started dating he started acting like this and now it’s been a year. Then why are you with him if you don’t like the way he treats you besides the obvious reason that you love him. Yes I do I really do. You just don’t like the person he is . Exactly she replied quickly he says he will change but he never does. Sweetheart he won’t change and yes that will hurt you but you need to be honest with yourself you are not in love with him you have fallen for the idea of what he could be and you think that your love is enough to make him a better man for you.Right now what is hurting is not the lies and the broken promises you are hurting because you refuse to accept the man in front of you because you want to see the man in the picture you created in your mind and now you have finally accepted the truth that not even your love can make him the better man you want. In the end she wiped her tears away and said I broke my heart with my own expectations.

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