What is this life

It was in the mist of chaos that I found out who I am. I did not know my own strength, all it took was for my world to come tumbling down to have no one to lean on but myself and suddenly all that self doubt seemed to subside. Simple pleasures like reading and writing keep me grounded. Each day I find parts of myself that fit perfectly. With each sun that rises and each moon that I get to watch at night I realise I am becoming the woman I prayed about. It is like I just woke and I can finally see things for what they are not what I want them to be. I have been a pleaser of people gradually forgetting how to give myself pleasure and focus on my happiness that I did not realise that while pleasing everyone I am losing who I am.

#selfdiscovery #Awake #selflove #positivity #changeofattitude #changeOfmind


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