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That moment when everything is going well and you feel like hope is being sent your ways when nothing is certain but everything feels okay. How wonderful it is to feel free to feel unstoppable .

So much can change in a blink of an eye with in just a few seconds you can start to question everything that you thought you knew… You can even doubt your own feelings sometimes wondering if everything told was true or you believed it because it sounded so beautiful in that moment.

How do you heal a broken soul ?

A certain incident that occurred in my life broke something so deep in me. My spirit broke my heart broke and I could say I lost my soul. That cracks were so wide open that no matter how much I tried i couldn’t bring myself to heal not even time could make me feel better. Instead I just kept breaking even more and I lost parts of myself that were so important and eventually I lost myself. Each time I tried to put the pieces of my life together they just kept breaking even further and eventually I stopped trying to fix myself I lived with the broken pieces of me that were still willing to function I held on to the pieces of myself that gave me hope that one day someday I won’t be sad anymore.